How to Get the Cyprus Passport?


The Republic of Cyprus is a European country, located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and it is part of the European Union. The Euro is in use since 2008 in the Greek part of the island and on Turkish territory the Turkish lira. The official languages are Greek in the south and Turkish in the north part of Cyprus, also English is used for trade. Cyprus has an open, free-market, promotes its geographical location as a "bridge" between East and West.

Holders of a Cypriot passport are, by extension, EU citizens with the right to reside, work, and study in, travel to, and own or manage a business in any of the EU states without limitations There are 4 legal ways in which a foreigner can get Cypriot citizenship: Naturalization based on years of residence, Marriage to Cypriot, Cypriot origins and Investment Program. Cyprus is one of a growing number of European countries to offer a citizenship by investment program, allows high net-worth individuals and their families to invest in the country’s economy and real estate sector in return for EU citizenship.

Gaining citizenship by investment to Cyprus entitles to a huge range of benefits, including:

- Visa-free travel to around 170 countries and territories

- Ability to pass on citizenship to future generations

- Tax Benefits

- Retirement/pension benefits

- Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in all 28 EU countries

- Right to hold dual citizenship

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