Foreign trust services


Moshe Strugano & Co provides companies, institutions and individuals comprehensive legal counsel in their foreign activities, and within the scope of its professional knowledge offers, among others, a broad range of trust mechanisms and management services for assets around the world.

In many cases, the establishment of trusts is an integral part in managing a company overseas, especially when the company is Israeli-owned. During this process, the creator of the trust creator transfers assets to the trustee's holding, and the trustee takes on the obligation to manage and operate it for a third party – the beneficiary. The beneficiary can be a party external to the agreement, and can be the creator of the trust  or a trustee himself – all as determined and decided within the trust documents.

Creating a trust includes a variety of legal and non-legal elements, which influence its character, make-up and nature and therefore influences the company’s business activities.

For example, a stock owner of a company may prefer to manage the company through a local person, which is adept in the local legislation, regulatory arrangements, local taxation, and the business and political culture customary in the country that the company is active in. In other cases, a company stock holder may want to maintain confidentiality regarding their identity in order to increase the accessibility of his shares in the company to certain markets. Additionally, many countries necessitate strict requirements in which locals will be appointed to the board of management of foreign companies, so that de facto, without a specific trust arrangement, the company cannot operate in these countries.

Moshe Strugano & Co maintains unique capabilities in establishing and drafting trust arrangements, as well as management thereof. The firm's familiarity with many global financial destinations, allows its clients to manage their business abroad with efficiency, transparency and securely. The trust and management services provided by the firm to its clients are meticulously suited to their business and personal goals and needs.

The plethora of services provided by the firm in the field of trust and management includes all different types of trusts and provides personal and customized solutions for every asset subject to the trust, including inter alia: management of the company, management o stocks and options, investment portfolios, deposits, complex financial instruments and more.