Establishing a Company in Marshall Islands


Why in Marshall Islands? 

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located in the Pacific Ocean. The Republic is a member of the UN, the Asian Development Bank, several Pacific communities and international organizations. It has a mixed legal system with elements from the US and the UK, but is patterned on common law proceedings. State revenues rely, among other things, on activities related to the establishment of foreign companies on the islands. Currently the Republic of the Marshall Islands has managed to achieve economic stability, thanks to its politically stable business environment, it gives numerous business advantages, the U.S. Dollar is its official currency and English is the second language.

Set up a company in Marshall Islands has your own benefits and advantages. A Non-Resident Companies are governed by the Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990 - is one of the most modern sets of statutes in the world-   exempting all abroad companies from not having to pay local taxes, giving Marshall Islands offshore companies an unprecedented array of business possibilities, making the country a first class offshore financial center. There are no minimum capital requirements, shares may be issued in any form and the minimum company share capital is 1USD. It can engage any legal business activity, except gaming and financial services such as banking, insurance, and trust. Besides requiring a minimum of one shareholder, one director and one secretary, they can be the same person and should not be resident in the Marshall Islands. Original documents shall be prepared and kept in English.

A non-resident company has complete confidentiality, does not need to be submitted to the government and is not open to the public. It has a fast and easy registration process in most cases it does not take more than 3-4 days. Marshall Islands offshore companies are registered as IBC (International Business Companies). Moshe & Strugano has been establishing companies and bank accounts abroad for years, that gives the whole experience and knowledge to make the process quickly and efficiently.