Open a Bank Account in Liechtenstein


Banking in Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein is located in Europe, surrounded by Switzerland, Austria, and Germany with a population of just 30,000, has a strong financial sector located in Vaduz, the capital. German is its official language; English is also spoken. The government has a sophisticated legal system so that its banking institutions may get involved in the world stock markets, a bank account opened in Liechtenstein can grant access to the European financial market.

There are many people who choose the bank in Liechtenstein because of its high-quality service and achievement: banks high expertise level, online banking platforms with the possibility to request any type of financial service, foreign currency accounts, credit cards, letters of credit, accounts to invest in the stock market, payment gateways, credits. Is no need to travel to the bank in Liechtenstein in order to open a corporate bank account in the country. After Swiss banks, Liechtenstein ranks second in the world in terms of personal information protection, besides that, the banks have a multi-currency facility to open a bank account (CHF, USD, EUR, GBP). Banks are more expensive to run, but the quality and service are unmatched besides the bank will immediately inform you about all possible commissions while opening the account. It is important to point out that the Lichtenstein banks are the most solvent in the world and It has a very high level of data privacy, furthermore banks offer a variety of tools for increasing your assets and advise you on all the issues.

There is a mandatory list of documents which you must submit to the bank:

  • For personal accounts: It is required to provide a copy of the holder’s passport certified with an apostille, Proof of the origin of funds and proof of address.
  • Usually for corporate accounts: Certificate of Incorporation of the company, company status, board resolution for opening a bank account, and proof of address contract or utility bills for the last 3 months, among others. 

Moshe & Strugano can explain the legislation and the rules you need to consider in this matter. We offer our legal counsel and services in order to open a bank account in financial institutions for their personal and business needs