Moshe Strugano & Co is an international law firm, providing companies, institutions and individuals with comprehensive and multi-disciplinarian legal counsel in establishing and broadening their activities to new global forums. The firm is one of Israel’s leading law firms in this unique practice area, and serves as the go-to firm for companies interested in transferring their business into the international arena.

The firm specializes in registering and establishing companies around the world, and provides a multitude of legal, financial and business-related services pertinent both to the early establishment process, as well as the company's regular course of business abroad afterwards. The firm's services include, among others, opening overseas bank accounts, consulting regarding banking services and online payments, provision of trustee services abroad, clearing, licensing, issuance of commercial operating permits for companies, formation of foundations as well as providing the company with ongoing counsel in its overseas business activities.

Moshe Strugano & Co setting up offshore companies in seven days including: Marshall Island, Dominica, Seychelles, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Georgia,  St. Vincent among others. 

In today’s age of globalization, registering and establishing companies abroad – when performed aptly and in the right destination – may significantly ease the company’s ability to manage its business, and allow it to create more efficient tax planning, decrease expenses and form invaluable business connections that will aid to its further expansion.
The firm's team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in international legislation and regulation, as well as tax arrangements and rules of registration across the globe. This allows them to fully customize the firm's array of services to every customer's specific business objectives.

Moshe Strugano & Co advocates a client-based policy, according to which every client receives the utmost attention, meticulously keeping with the client's schedule and vigorously maintaining high professional standards. The firm counsels its clients throughout all stages of the process in a courteous, personal and professional manner.

Throughout the years, the firm has gained extensive experience in business activities with a variety of foreign entities, forming a widespread network of business connections, allowing its clients to enjoy quick, efficient and precise service. The firm’s global activities cross continents, spreading across more than 30 key global financial centers, including: England, United States, Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Virgin Islands and more.